Can I Take My Pet On A Private Jet?

Can I Take My Pet On A Private Jet?

When it comes to our animals, we would do anything for them, they are more than just a pet, they are part of the family, and we want them to have the best possible experience.

This is the reason why many people choose to charter private flights when travelling with their cat or dog. It’s one of the best ways for you and your pet to enjoy life and travel in comfort.
Travelling with pets is possible, but it can be awkward for them. Many pets are regularly flown commercially but need to be stored in a crate or storage box and secured in the cargo hold. This is a distressing experience for any pet, and it means many owners choose not to take their pets with them, which is a real shame. We believe flying with pets should be something you want to do, and we work hard to provide the best possible outcome for you and for them.

The pet travel scheme allows passengers to fly with a maximum of five pets accompanied on an aircraft, and we will make sure everything runs smoothly for both them and you.

We take care to provide you with a full range of services to make sure that when you want to fly with your pet, you do it in the best possible way. Each country will have its own specific requirements, but our team of experts is ready to ensure that your pets travel safely and meet all the necessary requirements to enter their final destination. We can help you customize the interior of the cabin so that your pet can fly in comfort, along with specific catering. We understand just like humans pets can be nervous flyers, so we want to make sure there is nothing for you, or them, to worry about.

If you have specific requirements, please feel free to ask. We are dedicated to making your flying experience a memorable one, and will be delivering VIP service to everyone (and every pet) onboard!