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When every minute of your time affects the success or failure of an enterprise, the wellbeing of others, or the efficiency of your organisation; then travelling by private charter becomes a necessity.

Based at London, Stansted Airport, our VIP service comes as standard,  we offer the widest range of airports imaginable, from private airstrips to international hubs, and your choice of aircraft, from four-seater turboprops to Boeing 747s.

Private charter flights are not tied to the same hub and spoke networks used by airlines, so if your plane has enough fuel capacity to reach your destination, you’ll go direct. There are more than 500 regional airports throughout Europe, and a similar number in North America. Flying privately means taking off and landing where it suits you – not an hour’s drive from your meeting.

We make business travel easy, by removing all obstacles and providing the most efficient – and comfortable – experience possible, tailoring your itinerary to suit your business needs, leaving you relaxed and refreshed to do what you do best.

We can arrange transport to and from your points of departure and arrival by car, coach or helicopter. Where possible, we’ll arrange for you to be dropped and collected at the steps of your waiting aircraft.

Working with hand-picked local service providers we’ll ensure that discreet, well-trained staff are always on hand to guarantee that your journey proceeds without a hitch. Whether you’re travelling alone or in a group, you will have access to private lounges that can separately accommodate from two to 200 people, plus meeting and conferences rooms, and even private bedrooms.

Modern private jets can be configured as office spaces, boardrooms, seating areas and bedrooms. Many feature galley kitchens offering gourmet onboard catering.  All are designed to allow you to spend your working, meeting and thinking time as efficiently as possible, and for you to arrive at your destination ready to face fresh challenges.

So, if you’re new to private jet travel call London Jet Charter today. We’ll be happy to offer guidance on options and budgets.



Unlike commercial flying there is no lengthy waiting times when you charter a private jet. You will no longer need to arrive hours before your departure. Our recommendation would be to allow 30 minutes, but most airports will reduce this time to 15 minutes. 

We are based at London Stansted Airport, but we can arrange a private charter flight from any airport within the UK. Contact us and let us know your requirements.

We specialise in chartering private jets from the UK to Europe. However, we also charter aircraft to America or beyond. We have a very wide range of available aircraft to meet most needs.

Smaller jets such as the Citation can take up to 6 passengers, or a Citation X up to 8 passengers. A Legacy can take 13 passengers, whereas an Embraer can take up to 120 passengers.
Contact us, we will be able to charter you an aircraft for most peoples requirements. 

We regularly need to arrange flights at several hours notice. Whether you are planning ahead for a special event or you have just missed your commercial flight, contact us and we will be more than happy to help. 

Private jet charter flights to London have a wide choice of airports that can be used.  depending on your final destination we can cater your every demand and make your final destination easier than if you were arriving to London by a commercial aircraft.
Below is a list of airports in and and the surrounding areas of London which are situated in Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, Essex and Hertfordshire.

London City Airport – Hartmann Rd, London E16 2PX – East London

London Stansted Airport- Stansted Essex

Biggin Hill Airport – Main Rd, Biggin Hill, Bromley TN16 3BH – South of London

Farnborough Airport – Business Aviation Centre, Farnborough GU14 6XA – West of London

Luton Airport – Airport Way, Luton LU2 9LY – North of London

Southend Airport – Essex, Southend-on-Sea SS2 6YF – East of London

RAF Northolt – A4180 W End Rd, Ruislip – North of London

Although Heathrow and Gatwick are the gateway airports to London, we will  try to seek alternative options to avoid the high landing fees and busy runways.

Let us know your requirements and leave us to do the rest

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