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Arrive at your destination quicker than those stuck on the roads and the rail below you, when you charter a helicopter to fly to your destination, benefiting from point to point travel which enables you to escape the stresses of congestion, delays and overcrowding.

The process is very simple, firstly give us a call to discuss your itinerary and the number of passengers. Using this information, we can provide an estimate on costs and availability. You can call us directly on 0203 432 4449 or email us at enquiries@londonjetcharter.com

As with any travel plans, the cost will depend on when and where you’re travelling plus any additional requirements you may have. Please give us a call directly on 0203 432 4449, and we’d be happy to provide an estimate for your charter.

The ideal number is between 1 & 6 people. This would be the most cost-effective way to allow you to ride comfortably with luggage. We can cater for more people if required; please enquire about specifics.

Hand luggage is acceptable; however, as with all helicopter flights, the amount will be wholly dependant on the overall weight. You may bring golf clubs, guns for a shoot, and additional luggage by prior arrangement, but please contact us directly beforehand to confirm.

The benefit of helicopters travel is the ability to fly door to door with minimal additional travel. With suitable landing facilities, you can save time and money with fast and convenient options. Many wedding, sporting and hospitality venues have helipads; just give us a call to check.

If the weather is poor, the helicopter will not fly, and a full refund will be given. The pilot will usually make the final call approximately an hour before your flight to confirm any changes.

If you’re travelling within the UK, no, you don’t need a passport, but if you are travelling to Europe or the channels islands or further, you will need a valid passport to travel.

Let us know your requirements and leave us to do the rest

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