February Newsletter

February Newsletter

And like that February is almost gone!

With the updated Covid rules coming out today, restrictions are relaxing, which means the diaries are going to get full again.

Whether you are looking to book a private getaway, business travel, or a corporate day out, we can take care of all your private charter arrangements.

Welcome To Our New Partners

Healing Holidays

Healing Holidays is a multi-award winning, owner-run Spa & Wellness travel company. They are an unbiased filter for the world’s top spas, experts and retreats, offering recommendations based upon their first-hand experiences. From Detox Centres and Medical Clinics, to Yoga Retreats and Holistic Havens in which to recover and recalibrate, Healing Holidays have it all covered”.

At Healing Holidays they know the perfect places where you can go to lose weight, to detox, to raise your fitness game and, just as importantly, to get some headspace and to re-evaluate your life.

You Can Now Enjoy This Fantastic Offer From Healing Holidays!

Many of Healing Holidays’ best-loved wellbeing retreats are currently offering significant offers and deals – take advantage of a 20 per cent programme discount at Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel in Portugal when you book a programme of five nights or more by 31 March 2022, Enjoy a 20 per cent room discount when booking a seven-night stay at Kamalaya in Thailand or receive a complimentary room upgrade and a 12 per cent room discount when you book a programme at Greece’s Euphoria at least 45 days in advance

 To find out more and take advantage of these amazing offers call Healing Holidays’ experts on 020 7843 3597 or email info@healingholidays.com

Coalesce and Bond International

Coalesce and bonds international was formed in 2020, during the lockdown.
As a result, in recognising the void that had been created from the pandemic; the disconnection that had increasingly grown. Coalesce and bonds international decided to readapt and take a new approach in bringing people together.

Focused on supporting clients through a very arduous transition from office to home, coalesce and bonds international created a service that would support all their hnw and uhnw clients.
Establishing a lifestyle management consultancy company that would provide an executive pa service, housekeeping service, global luxury real estate, and investment.
Working with the world’s most renowned brokers to bring you the ultimate travel and lifestyle service.

Empty Legs On a Private Jet

The sky is filled with private jets without passengers – it may sound strange but there is a reason for it. Generally, when someone takes a chartered jet to their destination, they won’t be returning immediately after landing, these trips are known as empty legs. A luxury private jet flight on an empty leg is a great way to enjoy luxury travel at a fraction of the cost.

There is no difference between empty seat and empty leg. In both cases, the term refers to a chartered flight’s return trip that is travelling without passengers.

A private flight on an empty leg is one-way, so you will also need a flight back home. 

Some people like to take advantage of arriving in style on the way to their destination, then using a commercial on the way back, or having experienced VIP service, book themselves an empty leg for the return journey also. 

Whatever your preference, we are just a phone call, email or contact form away! If you have any questions or would like a no-obligation quote, please get in touch!

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