London Stansted Airport History

London Stansted Airport History

In 1984, the then government approved a plan to build Stansted in two phases, including improvements to both the airport and the terminals to increase the airport’s capacity to 1.5 million passengers a year. It was envisaged that the airport would handle these new capacities with a new terminal building to be built in 1991. The new terminal would be an oblong glass building designed by world-renowned architect Foster & Partners.

Designed by Sir Norman Foster, the 400 million PS400 quadrupled the capacity of airports and brought passenger numbers from two million to eight million. Her Majesty the Queen opened a new £400 million Terminal, Apron and taxiway at Stansted in 1991, boosting the airport’s capacity to two to eight million passengers every year.

Stansted Airport has been one of the busiest in Britain since its iconic terminal opened in March 1991, carrying millions of commercial passengers and private charter passengers. London Stansted Airport is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its now iconic terminal building that opened on 15 March 1991 by Her Majesty the Queen. The anniversary comes at one of the most difficult times for the airport as flights are cancelled or deemed essential. On the occasion of the anniversary, the airport is facing one of the greatest challenges in its history – the COVID 19 pandemic, which has brought essential flights to a standstill as the aviation sector continues to face uncertainty about when air traffic will resume.

London Stansted Airport handles more than four million flights a year and has become the world’s largest international airline in terms of passenger numbers without the current crisis. The airport has a terminal for the arrival and departure of passengers. In one of their main passenger terminals in the village of Stansted Mountfitchet there are three satellite departure gates connected to the terminal by the airlift and the other two through the transit system of passenger carriers at Stansted Airport.

London Stansted Airport was used during World War II by the Royal Air Force and Mountfitchet, the British Air Force and the United States Air Force as a crucial maintenance centre and bomber airfield. The airport’s “routes are now used by private companies such as Harrods Aviation Terminal and the main hotel house is used for private jets for state visits. The airport has a passenger terminal with three passenger satellites and departure gates on the same level as the airport.

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