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Terry The Ticket

Terry began his career in the hospitality industry in 1982 at the Royal Automobile Club, where he spent fifteen years managing sixteen employees and taking care of members from all over the world, from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, USA. USA, Canada, Germany and other countries. After fifteen years at the RAC, Terry Burns was offered a position as a doorman at Tower 42.

This iconic building is a London landmark and is home to many businesses, restaurants, bars and retail outlets. Terry, who is now in charge of the building’s concierge at the front desk, proudly says there are very few things he can’t find, arrange or buy on behalf of clients. “I’ve been there for 24 years and I joke that if I get lost, they’ll know where to go to get me back. I’ve handled every request you can imagine.

Classic car rentals, personal catering services, etc. “Terry’s passion for delighting customers led him to start his own business, City Concierge Ltd. In his 24 years at Tower 42, he has managed an ever-growing list of private clients. City Concierge helps clients with busy schedules and busy days plan vacations or plan personal events Through City Concierge, Terry provides specialized and niche services, handling incredibly unique requests and giving his loyal clients access to the best things in life.

“Set up a submarine for a romantic night out for you and your wife? I can find this ring with a five-carat pear-cut yellow diamond.

I’m here to help, if you’re looking to buy a Rolex at a good discount or trying to find a specific Birkin in leather, I can call and you’re all set and cleaned up. If you need tickets to a sold-out event to impress a potential client, I probably know how to get them and get them to your table on time to impress that new client.” The concierge service is unique in its field, having been built over decades of traditional networks, outsourcing, and a good reputation.

“The information that I store in my head is priceless. There are a lot of little tricks and I like getting good deals. Without being arrogant, I’m a living legend, I always offer and I like to put a smile on people’s faces.”

Over the past year, Terry hasn’t let the pandemic stop him. While it has been stressful and reassuring, it has not stopped evolving, adapting City Concierge to a hybrid service, managing customers and vendors remotely with a Tower 42 license. Terry is able to work and fulfil requests via email and phone, but is strict about the privacy of its customers and all its services are confidential.

“This is an industry that relies on word of mouth and personal customer reviews. Marketing my business is a challenge because there is very little that I can’t or can’t do.”

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