Things To Do In Malta

Things To Do In Malta

With Malta on the Green list and currently not labelled as being at risk of turning Amber, we have put together a few ideas for your next trip to the beautiful island.

The Blue Grotto is one of Malta’s most popular attractions, and it was the scene of the Popeye film, so you’ll recognise it all when you see the film. It is also a beautiful viewpoint to visit at 1pm when the sun reflects the blue water.

The Blue Lagoon on the island of Comino is Malta’s most famous attraction and the most unmissable thing to do in Malta. It can only be reached by boat from the main island. If you don’t want to miss the opportunity to swim in the turquoise waters of the lagoon, you know you have a few options, as there is a huge ferry that goes to the Blue Lagoon several times a day. The Dingli Cliffs are Malta’s highest point, with many highlights on the islands.

There are many beautiful churches around the world, but the St. John Co-Cathedral in Valletta is one of the greatest. This stunning 16th century cathedral, dedicated to St. John the Baptist, for some, is one of the most important things to do in Malta.

Located near Valletta, the Upper Barrakka Garden is the ideal place to enjoy the best views of Malta. From the vantage point of the garden, you can see Malta’s famous three cities and the Grand Harbor. When you are ready to enjoy the countryside and take a walk through the garden, you can go back to the centre of Valletto.

The sun-drenched island of Malta as well as Gozo and Comino hold their own as exceptional tourist destinations. Malta enjoys a warm climate and is blessed with an azure sea, which means it is perfect if you want to swim, snorkel or dive. Despite its small size, Malta makes up for what it lacks in size with pristine beaches, vibrant culture and an endless landscape.

Whether you visit the sun-drenched islands of Malta and Gozo for days, weeks or months, there are so many fun things to do that you never want to leave.

With one or two day passes you can choose where to spend your visit, including top spots such as the charming fishing village Marsaxlokk, a bright blue grotto for a boat trip and the earliest visible residence of the people of Malta, the Ghar Dalam cave in the dark. Two smaller inhabited islands, Gozo and Comino, and dozens of uninhabited islands make up the rest of the archipelago. The largest, called Malta, is where you will spend most of your time.

The country is also proud of the legendary Knights of Malta who fought against the Turks and began the Crusades. Malta is one of the most beautiful places to visit with its UNESCO world heritage sites, stunning fishing villages and natural places to boot. It is a breathtaking country to explore, and Malta has a number of good places to visit all over the island.

Built in the 19th century, Fort Manoel is easily one of Malta’s best places to see the fortified history of the island. Visit the sleepy streets of Mdina and Rabat with over 400 years of history and stroll through one of the oldest settlements on the islands. It is also one of the best places in the country to discover the quieter side of life on the island of Malta.

Don’t leave without a visit to the Upper Barrakka Gardens in Malta’s capital, Valletta. The gardens offer a public landscape for strolling with breathtaking panoramic views of the large harbour. Valletta with its numerous hotels, restaurants, historical sites and cultural events.