London Jet Charter: Your Gateway to Luxury and Comfort

London Jet Charter: Your Gateway to Luxury and Comfort

Explore Exclusive Travel and Property Opportunities This Month

Welcome to this month’s edition of the London Jet Charter newsletter, where we connect you with unique luxury experiences and expert property advice. Learn about the world of empty leg flights, an economical yet luxurious way to travel, perfect for those with flexible schedules. Discover how Keri Mahmoud can facilitate your transition to London’s dynamic property market, offering personalised support tailored to your needs. Take a closer look at Villa Casanova, our featured property in Ibiza, ideal for a stylish retreat with stunning views and state-of-the-art amenities. Finally, treat yourself or a loved one to an extraordinary aerial tour of London’s iconic landmarks with our exclusive helicopter tours. Join us as we bring you these handpicked opportunities designed to enhance your lifestyle.

Getting to Know Empty Leg Flights

Have you ever wondered why you might see jets flying without passengers? These are often “empty leg” flights, and they could be your ticket to travelling in luxury for less.

An empty leg flight occurs when a private jet is scheduled to fly empty, usually returning to its home base or moving to another location for its next charter booking. This happens quite often in the private jet industry, and while it might seem like a waste, it actually presents a fantastic opportunity for savvy travellers.

Why consider an empty leg flight? Well, they’re a brilliant way to experience the luxury of private jet travel without the usual cost. These flights are typically offered at a significantly reduced rate because the aircraft needs to make the journey regardless of whether there are passengers onboard.

So, if you’re flexible with your travel plans and looking for a touch of luxury, an empty leg flight could be the perfect way to arrive in style. Keep an eye out for these opportunities and you might just snag a fabulous deal on a high-end travel experience. Remember, it’s about being in the right place at the right time.

To give you an idea of what’s available, consider these examples: You could fly from London to Cairo on a Praetor 600 on the 3rd of May with room for 9 passengers, including VIP catering and a flight attendant, all for £7,500. Or maybe a trip from London to Ibiza on the 26th of June, also on a Praetor 600 with the same luxurious amenities, for the same price. These are just snapshots of how you can enjoy the perks of private jet travel at a more accessible price point.

Discover Your Perfect London Home with Keri Mahmoud

For those relocating to London, navigating the dynamic property market requires expert guidance. Keri Mahmoud, founder of ‘The Art of Buying’, is renowned for her bespoke approach to real estate, focusing on the unique needs of buyers moving to the capital from abroad.

Keri’s career began in December 2006 as an estate agent in West London. Initially thriving in a booming market, she faced unforeseen challenges when the recession impacted the financial landscape, prompting a shift in her career focus. Instead of seeing this as a setback, Keri embraced the opportunity to refine her skills and expand her network, quickly recognizing a crucial gap in the market: dedicated buyer representation.

By 2018, after over a decade of leading top-tier estate teams in prestigious areas such as The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Prime Central London, Keri founded ‘The Art of Buying’. This venture was driven by her belief that buyers, who face the greatest risks in property transactions, deserved a service tailored specifically to their needs.

Keri’s approach is thoroughly personalised. She leverages her extensive local knowledge and professional connections to help each client find and secure the finest properties, whether they are seeking a primary residence or an investment. Her commitment to offering a tailored, client-focused service ensures that every buyer receives the highest level of expertise and support throughout their property journey in London.

Villa of the Month: Villa Casanova

This month, we’re excited to feature Villa Casanova, a standout residence located within a premier gated community with impressive views of Ibiza Town and, on clear days, across to Formentera.

Villa Casanova blends modern luxury with a contemporary design that includes substantial, high-quality features. The interior is decked out with rich furnishings and exceptional artwork, creating an elegant and stylish atmosphere. Each of the four bedrooms has its own en-suite, with two particularly spacious master suites providing plenty of privacy and comfort for all guests.

The heart of the villa is the large, open-plan kitchen and dining area, finished in sleek black marble—a perfect spot for hosting gatherings or enjoying a quiet family meal. The area combines style with functionality in a seamless manner.

Outside, the villa offers multiple balconies and terraces, ideal for relaxing on a summer afternoon. These outdoor spaces provide excellent views of the inviting pool area and the panoramic vistas beyond, over Ibiza town and the ocean. On the opposite side of the villa, a chic, simple courtyard offers a secluded spot for alfresco relaxation.

With nightly rates ranging from €3,470 to €6,050, Villa Casanova accommodates up to 8 guests in absolute comfort, making it a great choice for those looking for a stylish getaway in Ibiza.

Experience a Spectacular Sky Tour of London

Explore a unique way to celebrate important occasions or give a special gift with our exclusive helicopter tours from London Southend Airport. Imagine taking off in a VIP Private Bell206 Long Ranger Helicopter, designed for comfort and space, accommodating up to six passengers for a spectacular 50-minute flight.

Your adventure starts as you observe the English countryside blending seamlessly into the urban edges of London. As the city unfolds below, you’ll see famous landmarks like the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral, and The London Eye. Fly over Tower Bridge, see the shining Shard, the O2 Arena, and the historical sites of Greenwich including the iconic Cutty Sark.

This exclusive package includes:

  • A 50-minute flight in a luxurious jet-powered helicopter
  • Comprehensive safety briefings
  • Public liability insurance
  • Free car parking
  • Flights valid from London Southend Airport

The flight is not just a scenic route but also a safe and well-prepared experience, welcoming passengers from age 6 and up to a maximum weight limit of 114 kg. Whether it’s marking a significant anniversary, a big birthday, or giving someone a special view of London, this flight is an excellent way to make special days even more memorable. Priced at £1,110 for six passengers, it offers a unique perspective over the vibrant heart of London.

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