London Jet Charter June Newsletter

London Jet Charter June Newsletter

    Welcome to our June newsletter, we believe that staying informed and connected is paramount. That’s why we have created this newsletter to serve as your gateway to a world of insights, content, and exciting updates from London Jet Charter and our partners.

    Don’t forget we will be at London Southend Jet Centre Thursday 29th June for their Summer Open Day Exhibition! Enjoy LIVE MUSIC – CHAMPAGNE – COCKTAILS – FOOD – ENTERTAINMENT – PRIZES STATIC AIRCRAFT – JET CENTRE TOURS – if you wish to attend email for full details. 

    Elevate Your Private Aviation Experience with SkyBlue Exports

    SkyBlue offers a specialised service catering to the unique needs of private aviation travellers, pilots, and crew who seek to arrange exports for goods acquired in the UK. Exclusively available for those departing through private aviation to destinations beyond the European Economic Area (EEA), SkyBlue provides a seamless and efficient export process and their experienced team is well-versed in the intricacies of private aviation logistics and the complex regulatory landscape surrounding international trade. Please contact us for further details and discover the array of added benefits and personalised assistance for your specific needs. 

    Business travel concept.Generic design of white luxury private jet flying in blue sky at sunset.Uninhabited desert mountains on the background.Horizontal,flares effect. 3D rendering.

    Aircraft Style

    With over four decades of experience, Eisele has established themselves as one of Europe’s most skilled airbrush painters, showcasing their artistic talent across the globe. Their expertise lies in creating unique airbrush paintings on aircraft. Eisele is committed to redefining the standards of aircraft art painting, offering services that range from intricate 3D design drafts to remarkable XXL format airbrush paintings. Through a meticulous process that includes a 3D-feasibility study and the application of the finest airbrush technique, Eisele exemplifies excellence in capturing your brand’s identity through stunning aircraft designs. Please contact us for further details.

    Parking Compare

    Parking Compare is a comprehensive nationwide airport parking platform that offers a range of services across all major UK airports. Travelers can conveniently book their parking space through their secure website, and for the best deal at London Stansted, they can utilize the exclusive voucher code SUMMER2023. With access to a vast network of over 70 secure car parks at more than 20 UK airports, Parking Compare ensures availability, competitive prices, and detailed information about the car parks they provide. Additionally, EV Products STN Direct Parking at London Stansted now offers charging facilities, so customers opting for this service should remember to bring a three-pin plug. For those booking at London Stansted with Stansted Easy Parking, STN Direct Parking, or Peak Park & Ride, using the coupon code SUMMER2023 on Parking Compare’s site will grant them a 14% discount. This offer is valid from Monday to Sunday between 0400 and 2200, allowing travellers to save while enjoying a hassle-free parking experience. Get in touch if you would like more information.

    Marbella & Beyond

    Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa presents an enticing opportunity for remote workers to reside in Spain for an extended period, bypassing the traditional retirement timeline. The introduction of the Start Up Law and the corresponding Digital Nomad Visa has unlocked the doors for UK and other non-EU nationals who possess the ability to work remotely, granting them the chance to live and work in Spain. As well as the remarkable experience of embracing Spanish lifestyle, this visa program also offers significant tax benefits. Click to learn more.

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