Private Air Charter & Golfing Holidays – The Perfect Partnership!

Private Air Charter & Golfing Holidays – The Perfect Partnership!

If you are familiar with the terms Rainmaker, Dew Sweepers, or In The Leather chances are you are a golf fanatic.
But have you ever considered including an Amateur Golf Tournament in your golfing getaway?

We have partnered with Golf Events International, a one stop shop for all amateur golfers wanting to find out where and when tournaments and golf events will be played and how they can participate. With all the information you could ever need on Amateur Golf Tournaments, Pro-Am’s and Team events including mixed pairs, ladies golf weeks, and professional Tournaments, both in the UK and Overseas you can plan your next golfing holiday around an event of your choosing.

You can trust London Jet Charter to take care of all your private air charter arrangements, to make sure you have exceptional VIP service from the moment you leave your front door. Leaving you in perfect spirits to enjoy your golfing holiday, and play your ‘A’ game.

Private Jet Charter and Amateur Golf Tournaments can now be yours in one complete package, contact us and experience London Jet Charter; for those who like to fly smarter.